“An absolutely thrilling report, all around!”
“I played the DVD at once and you are right it's a wonderful production made with knowledge and love. Terry Carter and Skip Malone did an outstanding job and the video is worth the Emmy for which it was nominated.”
“At the moment the product is yet not available in Germany, but  I'm sure when it will come out it will find many friends especially in France, Great Britain, Scandinavia and also in Deutschland.”
“For me it is one of the most interesting jazz-DVD's I ever saw and heard, and I enjoyed it very much. I know the musicians (nearly) all and I grew up with them and their music. I heard for example Cat Anderson (one of the first high-note trumpet player) and Cootie Williams very often (and tried without avail to imitate them) but I had until today not a video or a film with them... Also the piano solos of the Duke and of Willie The Lion Smith are wonderful. So many, many thanks!”
“I just watched for the second time... Nothing prepared me for the superb job done on the DVD. The clarity of sound and picture,made me wish that all the concert excerpts were complete, impossible I know but that's how well everything is done... The DVD is an absolute must.”
“I really enjoyed your documentary. I felt as if I were at a live concert... with a front row seat!”
“I attended your showing of "A Duke Named Ellington" at the Film Society of Lincoln Center last night. I've listened to and collected Mr. Ellington's works for decades, and it was a most enjoyable way to commemorate his birthday. As you know, it is a rare treat to see Mr. Ellington and his music on the "big screen", and I must congratulate you for clearly telling a compelling story. Also, the technical quality of the film images and music tracks were excellent overall, despite last night's balance issue with the narration track. We found your question and answer session informative as well. I want to thank you for working to get your film back into general circulation. It is a wonderful vehicle to help promote to new audiences Mr. Ellington's tremendous talent, remarkable contributions, and rich legacy. My best wishes to you for much success with the Ellington DVD and your other projects.”
“To my music-loving friends, this is truly a masterpiece. The production values are rich from start to finish and one gets to experience Duke at work, his artistry, his management style, his sensibilities and his wisdom as he interacts with his orchestra personnel... I came away with a sense that he was indeed somehow a great soul. I had no inkling of this before viewing this film. I knew some of his music and knew he was a living legend. Now I know why... Congratulations to Terry and his associates for capturing this and now making it available.”
“Terry, glad to see you get this out.  I have forwarded to our library to purchase one.  It is one of the best documentaries on anything I have ever seen!”
“Thank you for this wonderful information!! I love that film on Duke... That by far is the best portrait I've seen of Duke Ellington. It is very positive. Love It Madly! “
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